Effectiveness of Community Managed Food Reserves Program and Livestock Transfer Program 2019


The need to improve food security and livelihoods of Nigerians especially in Northern Nigeria where there are cases of insecurity and individuals, households and communities being subjected to risks, shocks and loss of productive assets are inevitable. Recognising this, the European Union, Oxfam and its implementing partners embarked on the implementation of the PROACT project. The project is designed to improve household food security, strengthen livelihoods resilience, enhance household productive assets and increase household income generation.The project has been in operation in Kebbi and Adamawa States in Northern Nigeria since May 2016. Two components of the project apart from other components that targeted improving food security of vulnerable rural households in project target areas are the food loan programme, and the livestock transfer program. There is therefore the need to identify best practices, successes, challenges and shortcomings in the implementation of these components for knowledge management and accountability purposes. It is also to document successes recorded in improving food and nutrition security situations of the beneficiaries as scalable models that can be adopted by other development actors including governments at different levels across Nigeria.