Oxfam in Nigeria Civic Space Influencing Strategy

''This Civic Space Strategy was drafted by Amy Oyekunle and Iheoma Obibi ((Mylid
Company Limited, Lagos, Nigeria) with support from Oxfam in Nigeria and Oxfam
Novib after due consultations with key stakeholders led by Henry Ushie. Some of
the findings build on outcomes of a desk review and a workshop analyzing strategic
responses to shifting and shrinking civic space in Nigeria facilitated by Salima
Ahmadou and some Oxfam partners. We would like to express our appreciation to
all partners, interview respondents, and colleagues - especially The Country Director
Constant Tchona and The Head of Influencing and Public Engagement Ramatu Umar
Bako and Bettina Huber - for their unflinching support, for dedicating their time and
expertise, and for sharing their reflection and advice despite the difficult
circumstances imposed by the COVID-crisis.'’

Read the full report below,