Third Interim Report of the European Union Support to Food Security and Resilience in Kebbi and Adamawa States


The Pro-resilience Action (PROACT) program, implemented by Oxfam with support from the European Union aims to improve food security and livelihoods of poor farming households in 70 rural communities of Adamawa and Kebbi States. The project has been strengthening the capacities of over 40,000 households who rely on agriculture and other natural resource-based livelihoods through best practice knowledge transfer, household/productive assets transfer, financial inclusion services, linkages to efficient market systems and social protection programs among others.

The third year of PROACT implementation ended in the month of April in 2019 with most of the project outputs successfully delivered to vulnerable rural people across all the seventy (70) rural communities of Adamawa and Kebbi States where the project is being implemented. The project has achieved rapid improvement in food/nutrition security of vulnerable rural people in target communities while Oxfam is working with implementing partners and the Government of Kebbi and Adamawa States to ensure that the gains of the project are sustained. On the aggregate, PROACT has reached 48,087 rural households with different interventions relevant to their needs with their livelihood resilience strengthened and they have been empowered to lead improved and productive lives.