Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) Data Repository

Enumerator interviewing a Household member during a VSLA Baseline Survey

Enumerator using ODK mobile tool to capture respondent photograph during VSLA Baseline survey 2018 in Plateau state, North-central Nigeria.

Data collection, monitoring and evaluation through mobile application is fast taking over traditional approaches of collecting and using information. Pen and paper have been used to collect data in the field for monitoring and evaluation of projects. This approach is time consuming and susceptible to human error that may affect productivity and accuracy. Information and communication technologies are now being used widely with remarkable positive results to perform these tasks and produce faster, more reliable and accessible data for project monitoring and evaluation across Oxfam projects in Nigeria.

Oxfam in Nigeria in 2016 engaged a local technology firm to design and host a data portal to warehouse field data. We are focused on connecting the data dots across agriculture with appropriate innovative technologies.

We believe the use of mobile devices for data collection will not only eliminate delays experience in preparing data for analysis after field work but also ensure quality of data is not compromise. The platform is accessible to authorised users (Oxfam and Implementing Partners' staff) irrespective of location. The use of mobile data collection tool has also given Oxfam in Nigeria the opportunity to collect more information (geospatial data and images) about beneficiaries of various interventions across the Nigeria.

Oxfam Data Portal provides:

  • A standardised data repository, giving easier access to field data;
  • Mobile and web tools reusing these data;
  • Access to geospatial data representing interview locations, farmers contact location (map) and VSLA groups' meeting venues;
  • Dashboards for visualization of various data.