food security

Female Food Hero
Ogbonge Women, the pidgin translation for Female Food Hero (FFH) - signifies the strong, industrious and dependable Nigerian women. It also demonstrates their resilience and tenacity towards ensuring food security in Nigeria even in the face of climate change, conflicts and unfavourable policy...
PROACT. Pro-Resilience Action
The project aimed at improving the food security, nutrition and resilience of vulnerable people in Kebbi and Adamawa States . It will strengthen the productive capacities and governance of the agricultural sector by enhancing the capacity of local government, building the capacity of farmers and...
GROW is a global initiative of Oxfam
GROW is a global initiative of Oxfam to campaign and promote food security through improved quantity and quality of public investment in agriculture to support small-scale farmers, work for legal guarantee of right to food and increased women’s representation and participation in decision-making at...
Building resilient and sustainable livelihoods of rural communities
Our sustainable livelihoods program has a differentiated approach, combining resilient livelihoods with market led livelihood interventions to transition the chronically poor to the stage where they become economically active and capable of engaging in influencing activities.
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