Oxfam strengthening active citizenship and systems for improved service delivery - OSAID

OSAID Project

OSAID is a mix of influencing, livelihoods, and market systems development with gender mainstreamed together with peace and conflict management. The project is valued at 434 million naira (generated from prudent management of the agricultural inputs program under the PROACT Project that ended in 2021). 

The Transition 

After a successful implementation of the PROACT Project by Oxfam, CRUDAN and DEC in Adamawa and Kebbi States from April 2016 to August 2021. 
Certain models and alternative approaches were experimented during implementation and were found to be relevant, effective, and implementable to scale. 
One of them is the Inputs Revolving Fund Mechanism created to drive agricultural inputs supports component of the project across the States.
The scheme successfully influenced a change in attitude of smallholder farmers to agricultural credit schemes, which is now resourcing this project called OSAID.
A change at scale is only possible when inefficiencies in systems are addressed and influenced to function properly – culture, markets, government etc.
From a core agricultural livelihoods programme, Oxfam and partners are now transiting to a system strengthening and influencing programme in order to achieve a change at scale with wider and sustainable impacts. 


Deepen financial inclusion system that supports inclusive rural economic development.
Strengthened market systems that work for the benefit of the rural poor.
Stimulate grassroots movement of active citizens influencing transparent and accountable governance systems.