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Why would you apply for a job at Oxfam in Nigeria?

Oxfam in Nigeria is part of Oxfam International, a global confederation of partners all seeking the same thing: the eradication of injustice and the alleviation of poverty in the world. Oxfam in Nigeria is striving to stabilize crisis in Nigeria and help support the less fortunate, whether it is the promotion of women’s rights or the support of SMEs to reduce poverty in Nigeria, Oxfam aims at achieving it and seeking support from individuals as well as the government. As a result, Oxfam prides itself on its most important asset: its employees and voluteers.

Oxfam in Nigeria is a great place with our people drawn from a rich and diverse background where we promise a friendly working environment where we all strive towards the achievement of Oxfam’s goals. There is an atmosphere of determination and respect at Oxfam in Nigeria. Also, you could reach out to people all over the world thus promoting relationships and joining the fight against poverty and injustice.

Oxfam sees its employees as the most important factor as it goes about pursing a just world without poverty (in all its operations) and as such would like more people to join the Oxfam community to help in this battle against injustice and poverty.

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