Together Against Poverty

Tap Project

Together Against Poverty (TAP) project leverage Oxfam's capacity and credibility across its global confederation to advocate for international commitments and actions required to meet the SDGs, defend and improve development cooperation in key donor markets, sharpen global norms for aid effectiveness and contribute to global thinking on the future of development finance, and to improve donor and national resource allocation and policies in support of smallholder-led agricultural transformation. 

Through TAP, Oxfam is advocating for African leaders at the national, regional, and continental levels to:

  • Make progress toward meeting their CAADP commitments
  • Put in place measures and strategies to build resilient food systems in the face of shocks and stressors such as COVID-19, climate change, and other current crises (e.g. conflicts)
  • Promote gender justice and women’s economic empowerment. 
  • Amongst major donors, specifically the Netherlands and the EU, Oxfam is calling for increased resources and the implementation of improved development policies to support agriculture objectives in target African countries. 

Project Outcomes

  • Target African governments (Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria) respond to the influence of active citizens by implementing budgets, policies, programs, and practices that promote fairer and more resilient food systems that improve livelihoods of women and men small-scale producers.
  • The African Union and target Regional Economic Communities (RECs) provide political leadership and accountability for improved implementation of policies and reforms that promote smallholder-led agricultural transformation and women’s economic empowerment.
  • Target donor governments and institutions (EU, The Netherlands) maintain or increase the quantity of financing and improve the quality of budgets, policies, and practices for agriculture and food security to promote fairer and more resilient food systems that improve the livelihoods of women and men small-scale producers.
  • Increased awareness and actions taken by targeted donors (EU, the Netherlands) and African countries to invest in and improve policies and practices related to agricultural adaption to climate change to ensure financing/programs and information reach those with the most unmet needs, build the resilience of small-scale producers, and contribute to greater gender equality.