Fair for All

A part of a Global Programme

The project is part of Oxfam’s global FAIR for ALL program (operating in Nigeria, Vietnam, Zambia, Peru, Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Myanmar, South Africa, Tunisia, and Uganda) and Oxfam’s Extractive Industries Women’s Rights Accountability Initiative.

The Fair for All project

The focus on fast economic growth and the massive exploitation of natural resources (minerals, water, land, and forests) have caused serious social and environmental impacts. This project focuses on strengthening civil society partners to address the impacts of the extractive value chain and the failure of trade rules and fiscal governance to redistribute resources and wealth to marginalized groups, including ethnic minorities, poor women farmers, and workers.

What we aim to achieve

Oxfam in Nigeria's FAIR for ALL program focuses on strengthening people's participation for a more transparent, accountable and equitable redistribution of resources and wealth derived from sustainable economic development, especially in the extractive value chain.

The Project targets

Women, youth, ethnic minorities, and informal workers who are engaged in or affected by the extractive industry value chain; civil society organizations; women's rights organizations; research institutes; companies operating in extractive industries; and local and national governments.