Work-in-Progress (WiP)

Promoting youth employability and small and medium-sized enterprise development

Work in Progress (WiP) is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands as part of the LEAD (Local Employment in Africa for Development) program with the aim of improving the economic prospects of young people in Nigeria, Egypt, and Somalia by building their skills to find a job and stimulating entrepreneurship.

In Nigeria, the project is being implemented in locations Lagos, Edo and Nasarawa state respectively. Collectively, all implementing organizations involved in the WiP project are known as the WiP! alliance. The project is spearheaded by Oxfam in Nigeria and three implementing local partners;

  1. Poise
  2. Enterprise Development Centre(EDC)
  3. She Leads Africa(SLA)

WiP Theory of change pathways:

Supply of skilled youth

The projects under this pathway seek to train youths in relevant 21st century soft & technical skills such as Web design, UI/UX, Software development, etc. as well as connecting skilled youths to paid employment opportunities.

Developing market demand

Under this pathway, we focus on Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by providing High Growth Coaching program, grants for start-up businesses and provision of business development support 

Cultivating an enabling environment

Advocacy to influence youth policies and legislation to create an enabling environment for youth to be economically empowered.


The Work in Progress Alliances in Nigeria

  1. Oxfam
  2. Butterfly Works
  3. IOM
  4. Venture Capital for Africa